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Chocolate Cherry Green Machine!

A Smoothie For Lovers and Rain Makers! This smoothie is an antioxidant, super  concentrated seed protein blend from Rain International featuring our newest protein supplement called FORM. This drink is  a branch chain amino acid powerhouse that’s perfect for chocolate lovers around the world. It also has 2 cups of [...]

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How Inflammation Affects Every Aspect of Your Health

On February 23rd, 2004 Time Magazine released the magazine cover entitled “The Secret Killer.” The story linked to this cover is about inflammation and how it can affect everything that happens in our body from Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, heart attacks right down to aging. An excerpt from the article [...]

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Black Raspberry Seed: A Powerful Biological Weapon For Health

The Seed On TV!  Recent testing has confirmed that Oregon black raspberries have astonishingly high antioxidant levels. Antioxidant levels, shown in terms of their oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC), are a measure of a substance's ability to absorb oxygen free radicals. [...]

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Cold Pressed Black Cumin Seeds Better Than Drugs?

Black cumin seeds and black cumin seed oil have been widely used for reducing blood pressure, cleansing and tonifying the liver, reducing fluid retention, supporting healthy digestion, treating diarrhea, stimulating the appetite, reducing pain, and treating skin disorders. Studies have confirmed numerous pharmacological benefits. Black cumin seeds are also called [...]

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