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What are the benefits of becoming a 3 Seed Nation Storyteller? Oh, why tons! You have special access into the 3 Seed Lounge Society Facebook Group. Here we discuss the “business” side of RAIN international. I’ll be honest. It took me about two months to wrap my brain around the business end, and it’s my goal for it to NOT take you that long. We have MANY educational seminars, webinars, calls and videos that will walk you through the compensation plan and how it works. We also make sure YOU are connected to a storyteller who has been doing this for a while and can give you the one on one help you need to get going in your business. We do not want ONE person to fall through the cracks, and it’s our mission to be there for you.

We also will be supplying you with high quality marketing tools to run your business. We want to take the “busy” work away from you. Let us create you some rockin’ good stuff, and all you have to do is share it with your friends. Easy, easy! We have SO many fun things up our sleeve, but I don’t want to let all the secrets out just yet.

So there you have it. If you are currently a Rain Partner member under a 3 Seed Nation Storyteller and YOU want to dive into the business end and become a part of our family and team, contact the person who enrolled you and they will get you initiated into the club.

Please understand that we can’t accept any requests to be a 3 Seed Nation Storyteller if you are currently enrolled under someone outside of our Rain group.

We are sorry and we hope you understand that it is just a rule we have created and we can make no exceptions.