The Shocking Truth Revealed About Your 12 Favorite Vegetable Oils!

In Case You Didn’t Know: Vegetable Oils are Bad. Bad News. Bad for Your Health. Bad for the Environment. Just Bad. I get a lot of questions about what fats and oils I use for cooking. It makes sense; after all there is a lot of confusion [...]

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The Mysteries of Certified Organic!

Many “health” experts continue to argue that there is little difference between organic and conventionally raised produce, but the scientific evidence -- and common sense -- says otherwise. Food grown in healthier soil, with natural fertilizers and no chemicals, is quite simply more nutritious, and as an added boon, will [...]

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How Inflammation Affects Every Aspect of Your Health

On February 23rd, 2004 Time Magazine released the magazine cover entitled “The Secret Killer.” The story linked to this cover is about inflammation and how it can affect everything that happens in our body from Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, heart attacks right down to aging. An excerpt from the article [...]

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