Form: seed-based, whole-food, plant protein

BUILD your body into the best shape of your life with Form’s complete-protein matrix that includes all the essential amino acids (BCAAs) you. This product was especially formulated as workout and recovery supplement or meal replacement to maximize fat loss and optimize muscle quality. Get tight with this high-protein, low-fat and -carb, appetite-suppressing, powdered seed protein.


Mix two scoops with 12 oz. almond milk, and drink 30 min before and again right after a workout to become a tall glass of hubahuba yourself.


Core: vitamins, minerals and antitoxins

CLEANSE and PURIFY your biology, replacing toxins with necessary vitamins and minerals. Core is Rain’s proprietary blend of the best greens and seeds with a synergistic effect-perfect to supplement your balanced diet. Core flushes out the bad and fills you up with the best-all with a one-ounce drink.


Down the hatch twice a day, as poppy always used to say!


Soul: antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory

RESTORE your body’s natural biology with Soul’s powerful offense and defense against damaging free radicals. The high concentration of anti oxidants and omega oils in this 2-ounce drink wash away oxidation which leads to aging, inflammation and a myriad of other health issues brought on by everyday life.


Drink Soul at least twice daily for optimal restoration.

Core, Soul and Form are part of a three-tier system designed to cleanse, restore, and build your biology up to it’s optimal level. That’s the beauty of non-GMO, seed-based products-there’s no more unspoiled, untouched form of nutrition on earth!

It’s So Easy… Just Shake, Rip and Sip!

Tips On Taking SOUL


  • Can Be Taken on an Airplane, Kept at Desk, in Purse, Keep a Few In Your Car If You Have Missed a Meal
  • Do Not Mix in The Blender
  • Put SOUL in The Refrigerator, some people like it cold. I think it absorbs better at room temprature
  • You can take SOUL with a meal or by itself. Remember its a concentrated supplement

Tips On Taking CORE


  • Remember CORE is a concentrated greens and seed super food and has the BEST ingredients known to keep your liver and digestive tract, kidneys and detoxification pathways clear
  • You can put them in the fridge,  they taste better that way

  • You can mix it with an ounce or two of water, put in a drop or two of fresh lemon or lime juice or a drop of Stevia
  • You can take your CORE in the afternoons. First thing in the morning, if you are not doing a SOUL at that time, or I will take it at night right before bed which makes it an excellent product to support what your liver does all night… Detoxify you.