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It in no way defines me, but I am proud of the fact that I am a 22 year cancer survivor and have always believed in whole food nutrition. Working as a lead demonstrator and trainer for Vitamix Corporation, ​ I​ have always known the value of seeds​. But having a convenient pouch of cold pressed seeds, in a propitiatory blend is a dream come true.

Now, after seeing such immense personal results, I put 100% of my faith in seed nutrition. It just works.

I worked for over 35 years as an entertainer. I made my living as an impersonator…or a phrase I personally coined…”tribute artist”. I am the country’s # 1 Judy Garland. It’s odd because about 6 years ago I made a complete career change but in my present “business” I find myself still working either on a small stage, or in front of celebrities. Suffice to say that I’ve never been happier with what I presently do than being a full time actor. You see, when you are in show biz…your job is… looking for your next job. Over a quarter of a century of that was quite enough. Yet, to this day if I venture out to a piano bar or sing for people they actually get annoyed with me when I tell them that I willingly gave it up. I think that is true for two very solid reasons.

When I have been reviewed, I am never referred to as an impersonator. They seem to understand my portrayals as an actress enveloping a role. I’ve even been accused of channeling. The other reason I had so much success is that I am a certified telepathic. This enables me to reach an audience in a way few actors can. I have been told that I capture the essence of my subjects. Even though I can not read music, or have ever had a voice lesson, I made my living singing for a long, long time both as myself and as Judy Garland!. The best thing my show biz career ever gave me was my son Tommy. I had given up on having children, so I wrote my one woman show, “Judy Garland…A Night In The Life” to give some purpose to my life.

I got pregnant opening night in NYC and did the show into my 9th month. Now that’s purpose. Being a Mom is the best thing I have ever done. My son Tommy is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. I lucked out. I adore him and cherish our connection. He brings honor to himself, and the world.

OK, this is not what most people would expect, but it is part of how I came to be who I am today. I have been going to Yankee Stadium since I was 1 year old. I remember the bad sight lines behind the poles down the first base line. Before I was born, my father played for a NYY farm team, the Newark Bears. Having the distinction of being the player to spend the least amount of time at Yankee Stadium….he is actually in a book in the Hall of Fame. Before arriving at The Big Show, within 5 minutes broke two fingers on his catching hand and lost out to a rookie named Yogi Berra. That was the end of dad’s career.


But both my parents passion for the sport was very much shared. My childhood was full of more love and support than most are blessed to have. There is a box hidden in my room with Mickey Mantle’s baseball cap in it. He gave it to me, right off of his beautiful blond head, and kissed me, on the cheek, when I was sixteen! He was my first “puppy love”. The best forearms on any man ever. I was raised in a household that professed, long before the film Field Of Dreams that “baseball is life”. So, if you haven’t gotten it already, if you cut me I bleed pinstripes. I will watch any game, anywhere, anytime and have even been known to stop my car to watch a spirited game of T-ball.

Right now I am always obsessed with NHL. Games, playoffs, the Stanley Cup finals. I just adore the sharp quick paced action as opposed to baseball which is more like a chess game. My baby sis had season tickets for 30 yrs at The Garden and now she’s infected me. My screen saver on my phone is Henriuk Lundkvist….after all he is The King. Last year I predicted it would be The LA Kings vs The King. I am a good sport so I went out and bought 2 Kings shirts and a pair of skates. I plan on taking lessons…not kidding. I’ve never skated, but then again I think I can still do have or be anything I want.

I love sports! I love the idea of a team. TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More.

How Will This Role as a Leader Help You to Achieve What you Want?

Interesting question. One of my all time favorite quotes sums it up beautifully! “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

What Makes You Laugh?

That one’s easy...ANYTHING my sister Lynn says. We are just totally on the same wavelength.

When is the Last Time You Were Embarrassed? (What happened? How did you handle the situation?)

I live true to myself and since my thoughts create only my reality, I choose to focus only on what is loving and positive. So, I know this may seem odd to some…but I can say with great certainty that I have never been embarrassed. Nothing to handle…mostly because I don’t give a rip what anyone else may think. Studying philosophy and metaphysics for 30 years has lead me to the conclusion that life is really very simple…whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you are appreciating, you are planning…What are you planning?

How Do You Have Fun?

My favorite fun thing to do is see a live performance of ANY kind. Theatre, comedy clubs, concerts, opera, ballet. There is nothing more exhilarating to me than a LIVE performance. It’s raw and real and a sharing of energy that comes from life itself.

What Aspect of Your RAIN Business are you Passionate About?

  • What I do believe…
  • I believe that there is only a source of light and good.
  • I believe I can have be or do anything I want.
  • I believe this cannot be taught to anyone. You can only live by example and only from that is love and understanding possible to share.
  • I believe that whatever anyone else believes is true for them….is true…for them. And I honor their beliefs.
  • I believe Rain International, Soul and Core have changed my health and life for the better…no, the best. I believe this with all my passion!

Who Inspires You? Why?

I inspire me. That being said, My Mother Marie taught me, to, like Joseph Campbell professed, live life by “following my bliss.” The road to my present bliss is the journey that I am still living. Yes, live the journey.

1. I got my navel pierced in 1969 at Woodstock to mark the occasion…long before it was fashionable or trendy.

2. Even though I made my living doing “Judy Garland” I have never liked the movie The Wizard Of Oz.

3. My favorite flowers are white…especially tulips, gardenias and Vendella roses.

4. I love the smell of paint and always want to lick it when stirring it.

5.  I couldn’t live without Shalimar…it makes me smell like a warm vanilla cookie.

6. I have had a life long re-occurring dream that I can fly since I was six. I start out bouncing on a giant balloon in a gorgeous open meadow. I lay across it on my stomach each bounce sending me higher and higher. Suddenly I am airborne and the balloon falls away and I continue to soar and glide across the open blue skies. I always land gently and feel elated.

7. Mickey Mantle kissed me when I was sixteen. He gave me his hat right off of his handsome blond head, I still have it. (I HAD to make that one #7!)

8. I am certified as being telepathic.  This comes in great handy on stage.

9. I secretly wish to go to Egypt and become an archaeologist.

10. I’ve only been in love twice.



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