We have created yet another category in the health industry: a coffee, infused with all the potent benefits that seeds provide. This is the first cup of coffee that tastes as good as it is healthy. What we’ve done is ground breaking. We start with gourmet, world-class black coffee beans, hand picked from our non-GMO, organic, artisan farms. Then, we take our proprietary blend of two seed oils and two seed extracts, and infuse them into each coffee bean. It created the healthiest cup of coffee in the world. Your morning just got a whole lot brighter

This coffee was born from the idea that coffee shouldn’t just be good, but good for you. It was about taking something already familiar within our culture, and enhancing it. Now, a new category has been created in the coffee world. The infusion of our seed blend, mixed with the inherent benefits of coffee, makes our black coffee the healthiest on the market. This is just one of the many ways Rain International is helping the world see health differently.

Welcome to the Seed Revolution.

Welcome to the Evolution of Coffee.

This is the first time a black coffee can brag. It can brag about its substance, about how healthy it is, about how great it tastes. This may be the first time you will actually enjoy a cup of black coffee, because this isn’t a just cup of your grandpa’s boring black coffee. No, this is the black coffee that all the health-conscious, cool kids will be drinking; you’ll be one of those kids. For the first time ever, you can take your black coffee infused with seed oils. Our black coffee was hand picked from artisan farms who specialize in growing world-class coffee beans.

We then take those coffee beans and give them a decadent bath in our seed blend, made up of the black cumin seed, pomegranate seed, grape seed, and grapefruit seed. These four seeds combine to elevate your black coffee, infusing it with health and wellness. So, close your eyes, take a sip, and enjoy the world’s healthiest cup of black coffee. Your soul will sing, and your body will sing praises of thanks.

P r o c e s s

Our proprietary infusion method is unique and groundbreaking. The process allows us to infuse each bean with our proprietary seed blend. It begins with the way we initially extract the oil and nutrients from each seed. Our extraction process makes the oil more potent. In fact, this process takes the already powerful black cumin seed, and enhances it exponentially. The particle size of the seed oil is also decreased. Because of this, the seed oil can be micronized into even smaller particles, small enough to penetrate the microscopic pores of the coffee bean. The final step, which pulls the oils in to the honeycombed coffee bean, involves a specialized vacuum that pulls the air out of the beans and leaves room for the seed blend to fill the void.


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